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FileContextualMenu Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for FileContextualMenu:
BrowserItemContextualMenu OvUI::Plugins::ContextualMenu OvUI::Plugins::IPlugin OvUI::Internal::WidgetContainer PreviewableContextualMenu< Resource, ResourceLoader > PreviewableContextualMenu< OvCore::Resources::Material, OvCore::ResourceManagement::MaterialManager > PreviewableContextualMenu< OvRendering::Resources::Model, OvCore::ResourceManagement::ModelManager > PreviewableContextualMenu< OvRendering::Resources::Texture, OvCore::ResourceManagement::TextureManager > SceneContextualMenu ShaderContextualMenu MaterialContextualMenu ModelContextualMenu TextureContextualMenu

Public Member Functions

 FileContextualMenu (const std::string &p_filePath, bool p_protected=false)
virtual void CreateList () override
virtual void DeleteItem () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from BrowserItemContextualMenu
 BrowserItemContextualMenu (const std::string p_filePath, bool p_protected=false)
virtual void Execute () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Plugins::ContextualMenu
void Execute ()
void Close ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Internal::WidgetContainer
void RemoveWidget (Widgets::AWidget &p_widget)
void RemoveAllWidgets ()
void ConsiderWidget (Widgets::AWidget &p_widget, bool p_manageMemory=true)
void UnconsiderWidget (Widgets::AWidget &p_widget)
void CollectGarbages ()
void DrawWidgets ()
template<typename T , typename ... Args>
T & CreateWidget (Args &&... p_args)
std::vector< std::pair< OvUI::Widgets::AWidget *, Internal::EMemoryMode > > & GetWidgets ()

Public Attributes

OvTools::Eventing::Event< std::string > DuplicateEvent
- Public Attributes inherited from BrowserItemContextualMenu
bool m_protected
std::string filePath
OvTools::Eventing::Event< std::string > DestroyedEvent
OvTools::Eventing::Event< std::string, std::string > RenamedEvent
- Public Attributes inherited from OvUI::Plugins::IPlugin
void * userData = nullptr

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from OvUI::Internal::WidgetContainer
std::vector< std::pair< OvUI::Widgets::AWidget *, Internal::EMemoryMode > > m_widgets

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FileContextualMenu()

FileContextualMenu::FileContextualMenu ( const std::string &  p_filePath,
bool  p_protected = false 

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateList()

virtual void FileContextualMenu::CreateList ( )

◆ DeleteItem()

virtual void FileContextualMenu::DeleteItem ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ DuplicateEvent

OvTools::Eventing::Event<std::string> FileContextualMenu::DuplicateEvent

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