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OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager Class Reference

#include <SceneManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 SceneManager (const std::string &p_sceneRootFolder="")
 ~SceneManager ()
void Update ()
void LoadAndPlayDelayed (const std::string &p_path, bool p_absolute=false)
void LoadEmptyScene ()
void LoadEmptyLightedScene ()
bool LoadScene (const std::string &p_path, bool p_absolute=false)
bool LoadSceneFromMemory (tinyxml2::XMLDocument &p_doc)
void UnloadCurrentScene ()
bool HasCurrentScene () const
SceneGetCurrentScene ()
std::string GetCurrentSceneSourcePath () const
bool IsCurrentSceneLoadedFromDisk () const
void StoreCurrentSceneSourcePath (const std::string &p_path)
void ForgetCurrentSceneSourcePath ()

Public Attributes

OvTools::Eventing::Event SceneLoadEvent
OvTools::Eventing::Event SceneUnloadEvent
OvTools::Eventing::Event< const std::string & > CurrentSceneSourcePathChangedEvent

Detailed Description

The scene manager of the current scene

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SceneManager()

OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::SceneManager ( const std::string &  p_sceneRootFolder = "")

Default constructor


@project: Overload

: Overload Tech. @restrictions: This software may not be resold, redistributed or otherwise conveyed to a third party.

◆ ~SceneManager()

OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::~SceneManager ( )

Default destructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ ForgetCurrentSceneSourcePath()

void OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::ForgetCurrentSceneSourcePath ( )

Reset the current scene source path to an empty string

◆ GetCurrentScene()

OvCore::SceneSystem::Scene * OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::GetCurrentScene ( )

◆ GetCurrentSceneSourcePath()

std::string OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::GetCurrentSceneSourcePath ( ) const

Return the current scene source path

◆ HasCurrentScene()

bool OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::HasCurrentScene ( ) const

Return true if a scene is currently loaded

◆ IsCurrentSceneLoadedFromDisk()

bool OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::IsCurrentSceneLoadedFromDisk ( ) const

Return true if the currently loaded scene has been loaded from a file

◆ LoadAndPlayDelayed()

void OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::LoadAndPlayDelayed ( const std::string &  p_path,
bool  p_absolute = false 

Load an play a scene with a delay


◆ LoadEmptyLightedScene()

void OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::LoadEmptyLightedScene ( )

Load an empty lighted scene in memory

◆ LoadEmptyScene()

void OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::LoadEmptyScene ( )

Load an empty scene in memory

◆ LoadScene()

bool OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::LoadScene ( const std::string &  p_path,
bool  p_absolute = false 

Load specific scene in memory

p_absolute(If this setting is set to true, the scene loader will ignore the "SceneRootFolder" given on SceneManager construction)

◆ LoadSceneFromMemory()

bool OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::LoadSceneFromMemory ( tinyxml2::XMLDocument &  p_doc)

Load specific scene in memory


◆ StoreCurrentSceneSourcePath()

void OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::StoreCurrentSceneSourcePath ( const std::string &  p_path)

Store the given path as the current scene source path


◆ UnloadCurrentScene()

void OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::UnloadCurrentScene ( )

Destroy current scene from memory

◆ Update()

void OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::Update ( )


Member Data Documentation

◆ CurrentSceneSourcePathChangedEvent

OvTools::Eventing::Event<const std::string&> OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::CurrentSceneSourcePathChangedEvent

◆ SceneLoadEvent

OvTools::Eventing::Event OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::SceneLoadEvent

◆ SceneUnloadEvent

OvTools::Eventing::Event OvCore::SceneSystem::SceneManager::SceneUnloadEvent

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