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OvEditor::Panels::AView Class Referenceabstract

#include <AView.h>

Inheritance diagram for OvEditor::Panels::AView:
OvUI::Panels::PanelWindow OvUI::Panels::APanelTransformable OvUI::Panels::APanel OvUI::API::IDrawable OvUI::Internal::WidgetContainer OvEditor::Panels::AViewControllable OvEditor::Panels::GameView OvEditor::Panels::AssetView OvEditor::Panels::SceneView

Public Member Functions

 AView (const std::string &p_title, bool p_opened, const OvUI::Settings::PanelWindowSettings &p_windowSettings)
virtual void Update (float p_deltaTime)
void _Draw_Impl () override
virtual void _Render_Impl ()=0
void Render ()
void SetCameraPosition (const OvMaths::FVector3 &p_position)
const OvMaths::FVector3GetCameraPosition () const
OvRendering::LowRenderer::CameraGetCamera ()
std::pair< uint16_t, uint16_t > GetSafeSize () const
const OvMaths::FVector3GetGridColor () const
void SetGridColor (const OvMaths::FVector3 &p_color)
void FillEngineUBO ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Panels::PanelWindow
 PanelWindow (const std::string &p_name="", bool p_opened=true, const Settings::PanelWindowSettings &p_panelSettings=Settings::PanelWindowSettings{})
void Open ()
void Close ()
void Focus ()
void SetOpened (bool p_value)
bool IsOpened () const
bool IsHovered () const
bool IsFocused () const
bool IsAppearing () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Panels::APanelTransformable
 APanelTransformable (const OvMaths::FVector2 &p_defaultPosition=OvMaths::FVector2(-1.f, -1.f), const OvMaths::FVector2 &p_defaultSize=OvMaths::FVector2(-1.f, -1.f), Settings::EHorizontalAlignment p_defaultHorizontalAlignment=Settings::EHorizontalAlignment::LEFT, Settings::EVerticalAlignment p_defaultVerticalAlignment=Settings::EVerticalAlignment::TOP, bool p_ignoreConfigFile=false)
void SetPosition (const OvMaths::FVector2 &p_position)
void SetSize (const OvMaths::FVector2 &p_size)
void SetAlignment (Settings::EHorizontalAlignment p_horizontalAlignment, Settings::EVerticalAlignment p_verticalAligment)
const OvMaths::FVector2GetPosition () const
const OvMaths::FVector2GetSize () const
Settings::EHorizontalAlignment GetHorizontalAlignment () const
Settings::EVerticalAlignment GetVerticalAlignment () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Panels::APanel
 APanel ()
void Draw () override
const std::string & GetPanelID () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Internal::WidgetContainer
void RemoveWidget (Widgets::AWidget &p_widget)
void RemoveAllWidgets ()
void ConsiderWidget (Widgets::AWidget &p_widget, bool p_manageMemory=true)
void UnconsiderWidget (Widgets::AWidget &p_widget)
void CollectGarbages ()
void DrawWidgets ()
template<typename T , typename ... Args>
T & CreateWidget (Args &&... p_args)
std::vector< std::pair< OvUI::Widgets::AWidget *, Internal::EMemoryMode > > & GetWidgets ()

Protected Member Functions

void PrepareCamera ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Panels::PanelWindow
void _Draw_Impl () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Panels::APanelTransformable
void Update ()

Protected Attributes

OvRendering::LowRenderer::Camera m_camera
OvMaths::FVector3 m_cameraPosition
OvMaths::FVector3 m_gridColor = OvMaths::FVector3::One
OvRendering::Buffers::Framebuffer m_fbo
- Protected Attributes inherited from OvUI::Panels::APanelTransformable
OvMaths::FVector2 m_defaultPosition
OvMaths::FVector2 m_defaultSize
Settings::EHorizontalAlignment m_defaultHorizontalAlignment
Settings::EVerticalAlignment m_defaultVerticalAlignment
bool m_ignoreConfigFile
OvMaths::FVector2 m_position = OvMaths::FVector2(0.0f, 0.0f)
OvMaths::FVector2 m_size = OvMaths::FVector2(0.0f, 0.0f)
bool m_positionChanged = false
bool m_sizeChanged = false
Settings::EHorizontalAlignment m_horizontalAlignment = Settings::EHorizontalAlignment::LEFT
Settings::EVerticalAlignment m_verticalAlignment = Settings::EVerticalAlignment::TOP
bool m_alignmentChanged = false
bool m_firstFrame = true
- Protected Attributes inherited from OvUI::Panels::APanel
std::string m_panelID
- Protected Attributes inherited from OvUI::Internal::WidgetContainer
std::vector< std::pair< OvUI::Widgets::AWidget *, Internal::EMemoryMode > > m_widgets

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from OvUI::Panels::PanelWindow
std::string name
OvMaths::FVector2 minSize = { 0.f, 0.f }
OvMaths::FVector2 maxSize = { 0.f, 0.f }
bool resizable = true
bool closable = false
bool movable = true
bool dockable = false
bool hideBackground = false
bool forceHorizontalScrollbar = false
bool forceVerticalScrollbar = false
bool allowHorizontalScrollbar = false
bool bringToFrontOnFocus = true
bool collapsable = false
bool allowInputs = true
OvTools::Eventing::Event OpenEvent
OvTools::Eventing::Event CloseEvent
- Public Attributes inherited from OvUI::Panels::APanelTransformable
bool autoSize = true
- Public Attributes inherited from OvUI::Panels::APanel
bool enabled = true

Detailed Description

Base class for any view

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AView()

OvEditor::Panels::AView::AView ( const std::string &  p_title,
bool  p_opened,
const OvUI::Settings::PanelWindowSettings p_windowSettings 


p_windowSettings@project: Overload
: Overload Tech. @restrictions: This software may not be resold, redistributed or otherwise conveyed to a third party.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _Draw_Impl()

void OvEditor::Panels::AView::_Draw_Impl ( )

Custom implementation of the draw method

Implements OvUI::Panels::APanelTransformable.

◆ _Render_Impl()

virtual void OvEditor::Panels::AView::_Render_Impl ( )
pure virtual

Custom implementation of the render method to define in dervied classes

Implemented in OvEditor::Panels::GameView, OvEditor::Panels::AssetView, and OvEditor::Panels::SceneView.

◆ FillEngineUBO()

void OvEditor::Panels::AView::FillEngineUBO ( )

Fill the UBO using the view settings

◆ GetCamera()

OvRendering::LowRenderer::Camera & OvEditor::Panels::AView::GetCamera ( )

Returns the camera used by this view

◆ GetCameraPosition()

const OvMaths::FVector3 & OvEditor::Panels::AView::GetCameraPosition ( ) const

Returns the camera position

◆ GetGridColor()

const OvMaths::FVector3 & OvEditor::Panels::AView::GetGridColor ( ) const

Returns the grid color of the view

◆ GetSafeSize()

std::pair< uint16_t, uint16_t > OvEditor::Panels::AView::GetSafeSize ( ) const

Returns the size of the panel ignoring its titlebar height

◆ PrepareCamera()

void OvEditor::Panels::AView::PrepareCamera ( )

Update camera matrices

◆ Render()

void OvEditor::Panels::AView::Render ( )

Render the view

◆ SetCameraPosition()

void OvEditor::Panels::AView::SetCameraPosition ( const OvMaths::FVector3 p_position)

Defines the camera position


◆ SetGridColor()

void OvEditor::Panels::AView::SetGridColor ( const OvMaths::FVector3 p_color)

Defines the grid color of the view


◆ Update()

void OvEditor::Panels::AView::Update ( float  p_deltaTime)

Update the view


Reimplemented in OvEditor::Panels::GameView, OvEditor::Panels::AViewControllable, and OvEditor::Panels::SceneView.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_camera

OvRendering::LowRenderer::Camera OvEditor::Panels::AView::m_camera

◆ m_cameraPosition

OvMaths::FVector3 OvEditor::Panels::AView::m_cameraPosition

◆ m_editorRenderer

OvEditor::Core::EditorRenderer& OvEditor::Panels::AView::m_editorRenderer

◆ m_fbo

OvRendering::Buffers::Framebuffer OvEditor::Panels::AView::m_fbo

◆ m_gridColor

OvMaths::FVector3 OvEditor::Panels::AView::m_gridColor = OvMaths::FVector3::One

◆ m_image

OvUI::Widgets::Visual::Image* OvEditor::Panels::AView::m_image

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