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OvMaths::Internal::TransformNotifier Class Reference

#include <TransformNotifier.h>

Public Types

enum  ENotification { ENotification::TRANSFORM_CHANGED, ENotification::TRANSFORM_DESTROYED }
using NotificationHandler = std::function< void(ENotification)>
using NotificationHandlerID = uint64_t

Public Member Functions

NotificationHandlerID AddNotificationHandler (NotificationHandler p_notificationHandler)
void NotifyChildren (ENotification p_notification)
bool RemoveNotificationHandler (const NotificationHandlerID &p_notificationHandlerID)

Detailed Description

The TransformNotifier is a simple notification system used by transform to send notifications to his children

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ NotificationHandler

The NotificationHandler is a function callback that takes a ENotification in parameters

◆ NotificationHandlerID

The ID of a NotificationHandler This value is needed to remove a NotificationHandler from a Notifier

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ENotification

Notifications that the transform can send


Member Function Documentation

◆ AddNotificationHandler()

OvMaths::Internal::TransformNotifier::NotificationHandlerID OvMaths::Internal::TransformNotifier::AddNotificationHandler ( NotificationHandler  p_notificationHandler)

Add a NotificationHandler to the Notifier. The NotificationHandler will receive every notifications sent by this Notifier. This method also return a NotificationHandlerID needed to remove the handler later

p_notificationHandler@project: Overload
: Overload Tech. @restrictions: This software may not be resold, redistributed or otherwise conveyed to a third party.

◆ NotifyChildren()

void OvMaths::Internal::TransformNotifier::NotifyChildren ( ENotification  p_notification)

Notify children (NotificationHandler) by sending the given notification


◆ RemoveNotificationHandler()

bool OvMaths::Internal::TransformNotifier::RemoveNotificationHandler ( const NotificationHandlerID p_notificationHandlerID)

Remove a NotificationHandler to the Notifier using the NotificationHandlerID generated by the "AddNotificationHandler" method. This method returns true on success (NotificationHandler removed)


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