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OvUI::Widgets::Drags::DragFloat Class Reference

#include <DragFloat.h>

Inheritance diagram for OvUI::Widgets::Drags::DragFloat:
OvUI::Widgets::Drags::DragSingleScalar< float > OvUI::Widgets::DataWidget< float > OvUI::Widgets::AWidget OvUI::API::IDrawable OvUI::Plugins::Pluginable

Public Member Functions

 DragFloat (float p_min=0.0f, float p_max=1.0f, float p_value=0.5f, float p_speed=0.1f, const std::string &p_label="", const std::string &p_format="%.3f")
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Widgets::Drags::DragSingleScalar< float >
 DragSingleScalar (ImGuiDataType p_dataType, float p_min, float p_max, float p_value, float p_speed, const std::string &p_label, const std::string &p_format)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Widgets::DataWidget< float >
 DataWidget (float &p_dataHolder)
virtual void Draw () override
void NotifyChange ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Widgets::AWidget
 AWidget ()
void LinkTo (const AWidget &p_widget)
void Destroy ()
bool IsDestroyed () const
void SetParent (Internal::WidgetContainer *p_parent)
bool HasParent () const
Internal::WidgetContainerGetParent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Plugins::Pluginable
 ~Pluginable ()
template<typename T , typename... Args>
T & AddPlugin (Args &&... p_args)
template<typename T >
T * GetPlugin ()
void ExecutePlugins ()
void RemoveAllPlugins ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from OvUI::Widgets::Drags::DragSingleScalar< float >
float min
float max
float value
float speed
std::string label
std::string format
OvTools::Eventing::Event< float > ValueChangedEvent
- Public Attributes inherited from OvUI::Widgets::AWidget
bool enabled = true
bool lineBreak = true
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OvUI::Widgets::Drags::DragSingleScalar< float >
void _Draw_Impl () override
- Protected Attributes inherited from OvUI::Widgets::AWidget
std::string m_widgetID = "?"
bool m_autoExecutePlugins = true

Detailed Description

Drag widget of type float

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DragFloat()

OvUI::Widgets::Drags::DragFloat::DragFloat ( float  p_min = 0.0f,
float  p_max = 1.0f,
float  p_value = 0.5f,
float  p_speed = 0.1f,
const std::string &  p_label = "",
const std::string &  p_format = "%.3f" 


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