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OvAnalytics::Profiling::ProfilerReport Struct Referencefinal

#include <ProfilerReport.h>


struct  Action

Public Attributes

double elaspedTime = 0.0
uint16_t workingThreads = 0u
uint32_t elapsedFrames = 0u
std::vector< Actionactions

Detailed Description

Contains profiling data about a running period

Member Data Documentation

◆ actions

std::vector<Action> OvAnalytics::Profiling::ProfilerReport::actions

◆ elapsedFrames

uint32_t OvAnalytics::Profiling::ProfilerReport::elapsedFrames = 0u

◆ elaspedTime

double OvAnalytics::Profiling::ProfilerReport::elaspedTime = 0.0

◆ workingThreads

uint16_t OvAnalytics::Profiling::ProfilerReport::workingThreads = 0u

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